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Please be careful...

If you are looking for Poker Calculators, please be careful when searching for software which claims it can automatically detect and advise which card to play. . You'll see these claims in ads, and even on their own company website. Very few work well. Those that do are generally not cheap, but the rewards can be handsome if you select one that works with your Poker room.

Read on for our Poker Calculator reviews. Including the free download Magic Holdem.

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Main Story

Automatic Poker Calculators, Free Download

When you start to play Poker what do you spend most of your time doing? Counting cards, looking out for the common tells and nervous twitches of you fellow players, or is it trying to calculate the odds that your hand is stronger than your opponents. If its the latter then you are at least approaching the game in the right way.


The great strength of using an Automatic Poker Calculator is that it frees you up from calculating the strength of your hand. A good Poker Calculator will tell you the pot odds, the strength of your hand on the standard scale, the percentage chance of winning and the outs (the cards remaining that will improve your hand if they appear). MagicHoldem poker odds calculator even tells you the best way to play each hand, taking into account poker calculator odds and the behaviour of other players


A poker calculator gives you a huge advantage:

As well as providing you with advice on what to play next, the best poker calculator like Magic Holdem also show:

  • Strength of your hand
  • Whether to call, raise or fold
  • Percentage chance of winning the hand
  • Which cards remaining will improve your hand
  • Percentage chance of getting a better hand after the Turn and the River
  • Chance of an opponent having a stronger hand, and what that hand would be, eg a flush risk

Beware - Some poker calculators are manual

Many poker calculators work very well in terms of the pure mathematics, but the problem is that they need to be used manually. In other words you need to type in the hole cards every time you are dealt them. On the other hand Automatic poker calculators detect the cards from the screen.


Hand after hand the odds calculator will read your cards, as well as the community cards (the cards in the middle of the table). Each time you will be told the probability of winning.

MagicHoldem poker odds calculator

A Free download poker calculator like Magic Holdem gives you an enormous advantage over other players. By focussing on the little signs, and letting the software tell you which cards to play, you get a huge advantage. In tournaments you will progress quicly to the top table and the winnings will increase exponentially.


Download Magic Holdem free here.



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