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If you are looking for Poker Calculators, please be careful when searching for software which claims it can automatically detect and advise which card to play. . Very few work consistently. Those that do can be expensive, but the rewards can be handsome if you select one that works with your Poker room.

You can get free advice on our Poker Calculators page, and even download an entirely free poker calculator that automatically reads the cards from the screen, tells you pot odds, and even advises on which bet to play, whether to raise or fold [Read more...]

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In partnership with Pacific Poker, recently rebranded 888Poker we are offering a stunning competition, to allow you to play at the WSOP entirely funded by us. The package includes $2500 for flights, full accommodation, the $10 000 entry fee and spending money. Choose one or more of the following ways:


·         PERSISTENCE PAYS: Race to play the most raked hands

·         RACE YOUR WAY: Race to earn the most poker Status Points

·         BRING YOUR BUDDIES: Refer as many friends as possible

·         SOCIAL SUCCESS: For YouTube, Facebook and Twitter fans

·         CARDS AND COINS: Race to earn the most casino and poker Status Points

·         BOUNTY HUNTER: Knock out the poker celebs or come first in one of the tourneys

·         TOURNEY LOVERS: Race to play the most tourneys with the biggest buy-ins

·         ONE FOR THE LADIES: Ladies only race to earn the most poker Status Points

This promotion opens the prestigious World Series of Poker event to everyone, regardless of poker playing ability. To find out more visit the 888Poker page now! [Read more...]

Learn the subtle psychology tricks that can turn you into a Poker shark:

  • Know who the weak player is. If you don't know who the fish is, then you are the fish!
  • Read the other players. Take notes. How long do they take to bet? On a weak hand, and on a strong one.
  • Choose your bluffs carefully. In tournament games people play far more aggressively
  • Understand the psychology of poker. This free download ebook on psychology of poker and poker tells will help turn you into a stronger player
  • Learn to lose. Don't show emotion when you do.
  • Focus closely. You need all your wits and scruples, so turn off the TV, turn off the iPod and you will feel yourself immersing more deeply.
  • Download the Poker Tips and Tells guide, and see the other useful downloads in the section above.